Trinity UMC and Disaffiliation

We here at Trinity understand that the United Methodist Church is going through a time of transition and division. Some United Methodist congregations are choosing to leave the UMC over issues of human sexuality, property and governance.  We here at Trinity are committed to remaining United Methodist. 


In October of 2022, our Administrative Council unanimously passed a resolution stating that we are not interested in exploring disaffiliation.  We welcome ALL who walk through our doors, and strive to love and serve all of our neighbors to the best of our abiity.   



A Lighthouse Congregation designation means that we are committed to remaining UMC.  We understand that there are those folks who have "lost" their congregation due to disaffiliation, or that there are those looking for a new place to worship and belong.  We are committed to providing you a safe place for however long you may need, whether you ever join or not.  We will welcome you, provide you with pastoral care, and opportunities to help you belong and find a place to learn and serve.  Our Leadersthip Team unanimously passed a resolution in April of 2023 to take on this designation, and we are committed to this idea.